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Airbus was looking for a cutting-edge concept, an app that merged virtual reality with the work environment of its engineers in real-time. We integrated our app with Google Glass and brought some exciting changes to the table.

Airbus app

Our clients reported a massive improvement in the work efficiency of their
teams. Many misunderstandings were cleared up in the communication between on-site engineers and off-site instructors. This lead to an overall boost in team performance.

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Design and development


The Sky News team was looking to improve the time spent between the field reporters submitting the news, the editors reviewing the submissions, and the publishing process. And the solution had to be user-friendly and simple for every level of reporter and editor to use with ease.

Sky news App

The goal was to make the Sky News software easier for in-house editors
without extensive training, and journalists around the world, to navigate.
The improvements had to be UX-oriented. Judging by the rave reviews, we have delivered on all our digital promises.

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With a rapidly growing user base, European Freelancer Headquarters quickly realized they would soon need a much slicker, intensely powerful, user-friendly interface. The new interface was intended for the improvement of the UX/UI and a few long standing kinks.

Freelancer interface's new design had an amazing rollout. After their new UI/UX
was implemented, our clients saw a 3-6% growth in user satisfaction.

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