7% of market share in under 48 hours

Product design, iOS and Android app for Huuk

From the gloomy depths of pandemic desolation, a bright and colorful social media app was born. Designed and developed by BrightDock with one simple, yet, considering the circumstances, very bold task - Huuk was created to inspire people to connect and get "huuked" on life again. This social media app is made for anyone looking to expand their tribe with like-minded people.

An internal product, Huuk's branding, marketing campaigns, app design and development were all a result of the work of one dedicated, detail-oriented team. With design and copy set to spread joy, a powerful yet playful brand identity, and bursting with super vibrant, fun, happiness-inducing colors, Huuk advertises values of humanity, closeness, friendship, and inclusivity. Based on an interactive map that users can explore to see what their friends are up to in real-time, Huuk matches its users based on their interests, planned activities, and locations. With Huuk, one can make new friends in just a few clicks by simply pinning their emojis to the map. Once users request to join a Huuk, they are added to the chat and can start planning out the details of their hang.

Huuk was our solution to bring people back together in the real world, and the response was a huge, far from expected success. Within only seven days of Huuk's launch, all within the small city of Rijeka, counting just 100k residents, we had over 10k downloads and more than 2.5k registrations. Four days from launch, our product was the number 4 app in Croatia in the Google Play store and earned the number 1 spot for social apps of Croatia.

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