Privacy Policy

Data controller for this website is BRIGHTDOCK Llc, Croatia, Rijeka (City of Rijeka) Trg 128 Brigade Hrvatske Vojske 10, VAT No: 85019089633. Date: 19/03/2021

Data processing

We process personal data for the six following purposes:

  1. The (technical) maintenance, analytics, and improvement of our website,
  2. When we maintain contact with you over the telephone, post, or e-mail regarding our services (e.g. to create our offer) and products,
  3. Management of our customer base,
  4. The regular business operations,
  5. Sending newsletter via e-mail to our clients, business associates, and persons who gave their consent over system for this purpose and we use them as our newsletter system provider,
  6. Recruitment and employment purposes.

Use of the website

In order to optimize our services for you, we collect your data through the use of cookies. Cookies are small text files that store Internet settings (information on how our website is used) and are stored in your browser or device. Cookies are used in various ways, for example, to analyze your behaviour on our website or to customize services based on your preferences.

You can deactivate or limit the use of cookies, as well as delete them easily from your browser settings.

Maintenance and improvement of our website

We use Google Analytics, a web analysis service provided by Google Inc. Google Analytics uses cookies, which contain information about your use of the website (including your IP address) and which are transmitted to a Google server in the United States and will be stored there. Google uses the information to evaluate your use of our website, compiles reports on website activity and provides other services relating to website activity and internet usage. This processing is based on our legitimate interest to improve your website experience and optimize our services. Google will not associate your IP-address with other data held by them. You can refuse the use of cookies in your browser settings. However, in this case, you may not be able to use all the functions of our website to its full extent.

You can find more information about Google Analytics by visiting the following website


  • If you give us your contact details via contact form on our website or when you contact us by e-mail or telephone) (i.e. Personal Name, Company E-mail, your budget, and your Query (project details)), we will only use them to contact you, create an offer for cooperation or similar.
  • If you purchase one of our products or services, we will also use your email address to inform you about important updates by email and to advise you on how to get the most out of our products.
  • If you apply for job via contact form on our website we will use your personal data acquired (i.e. Personal Name, E-mail, Phone, which position you are applying for, and an upload space for them to upload your CV) for solely for our recruitment and employment purposes.
  • You can use contact form on our website to contact us for cooperation or apply for job opening. If you do not wish to use the contact form, you can contact us by e-mail:

Business cooperation

Due to some of our legal obligations, we process contact, payment, and communication data of (former) customers for our regular business operations. We send invoices, keep accounts, and store correspondence with (former) customers on our e-mail server and in online work folders. We store data in accordance with the relevant laws (e.g. Accounting Act – 11 years).

Based on legitimate interest, we process contact data (company name, contact person’s name, e-mail address, company address) of our (potential) customers in order to track and analyse the sale of our products and services for no longer than 11 years.

Recruitment and potential employment

In order to process your job application, we will process your personal data delivered either via contact form on our website or via email to us (i.e. Personal Name, E-mail, Phone, which position you are applying for, and an upload space for them to upload your CV) for recruitment and potential employment purposes and we will not process them for any other purposes. Such data will be stored by us not longer than 1 year.

Lawfulness of processing

Personal data may be processed only if there is a legal ground for doing so. Pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) we process personal data on the following legal grounds:

  1. Consent: If you are not our customer, you can give consent for receiving our newsletter.
  2. Recruitment/employment: when applying for job with us we will collect, process your data only for that purpose.
  3. Contracts/precontractual agreements: when you, as a customer, purchase products and/or services from us or want to do so, and it is necessary for us to process your personal data to be able to do so.
  4. Legal obligation: if we receive a legitimate claim to provide data to a competent authority. We are also legally obliged to keep personal data in our financial records for a certain period of time, in accordance with tax and accounting legislation.
  5. Legitimate interest: if you have been a customer in the past or we have sent you an offer, we will retain your contact details 11 years after the last instance of our contact to be able to contact you in the future for possible follow-up projects/offers. Also, on the grounds of legitimate interest, we send news re offer our services and products to our customers.

Lawfulness of processing

We do not provide or share any personal data to third parties unless we are legally obligated to do so. We store such data only stored internally in our G Suite (Google Drive) and we keep them protected by state-of-the-art technology.

Transfer of data

The Internet is a global environment. Using the Internet to collect and process personal data necessarily involves the transmission of data on an international basis. Any such transfer is made in accordance with regulatory requirements that ensure such transfer and/or country maintains the same level of personal data protection. Brightdock opted for industry-approved storage providers with the highest privacy and data security standards.

Data retention

We do not store personal data longer than it is necessary for the purpose for which we obtained it. This assessment is based on the type of personal data, the product or service for which we have obtained the data, and what you, as the data subject, can reasonably expect as a retention period (e.g. business operations – data is stored for no longer than 11 years since the termination of business cooperation, newsletter data until consent withdrawal, recruitment/potential employment purposes up to 1 year etc.).

Data security

We have enabled encryption of the traffic on our website. This makes the data traffic between you and our web server unreadable, so that third persons have no access to it. We also made sure to secure your data in an appropriate way in all our systems. We do this with all kinds of technical measures (e.g. antivirus, complex passwords etc.), including physical security of access to our office, but also with organisational measures.

Your rights

Pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you have the right to access your personal data on request and, if necessary, to amend and delete the data. In addition to the right of access, correction, and deletion, you may ask us to restrict the processing of personal data and it is possible to object if you disagree with the processing. Also, in some cases it is possible to invoke the right to data portability.

In any event, you have the right to object the processing of personal data for marketing purposes that is based on legitimate interest.

If you have any objection, you can contact the relevant supervisory authority which is Croatian Personal Data Protection Agency (“Agencija za zaštitu osobnih podataka” – AZOP) for the Republic of Croatia.

For any questions and requests, please contact us on

Privacy Policy amendments

In the event we decide to change this Privacy Policy, we will make an announcement of that fact on our website. If we want to substantially change the purposes of the processing, and the processing is based on your consent, we will first ask you again for consent for those new purposes.

Sales of Personal Information

In the preceding twelve 12 months, we have not sold personal information. Our policy is that we do not and will not sell your personal information, unless you give us your consent or direct us to do so.


日期: 19/03/2021

本網站的資料控管者是 BRIGHTDOCK Ll, 位於克羅地亞, 里耶卡 (里耶卡市) 尼科勒特斯勒 9 號, 增值稅號: 85019089633。



  1. 網站的(技術)維護、分析和改進,
  2. 當我們通過電話、郵寄或電子郵件與您聯絡時,請聯絡我們的服務(例如提出我們的報價)和產品,
  3. 管理我們的客戶群,
  4. 常規業務操作,
  5. 通過電子郵件向我們的客戶、業務夥伴和同意的人員發送新聞稿 系統,我們使用這系統作為我們的新聞稿系統供應商
  6. 招聘和就業用途。


為了提升我們為您提供的服務, 我們通過使用小型文字檔案, 即 cookies 來收集您的資料。Cookies 是存儲互聯網設置 (有關如何使用我們的網站的資訊) 並存儲在您的瀏覽器或設備中的小文字檔。Cookies 的使用方式多種多樣, 例如, 用於分析您在我們網站上的行為或根據您的偏好定制服務。

什麼類型的 cookies 用於什麼,收集了哪些資料,以及存儲了多長時間,如何選擇退出請參見以下連,,, 您可以停用或限制 cookies 的使用, 也可以從瀏覽器設定中輕鬆删除它。


我們使用 Google 分析(Google Analytics), 這是 Google Inc.提供的一項網絡分析服務。Google 分析使用小型文字檔案(cookies), 其中包含有關您對網站使用情況的信息 (包括您的 IP 地址), 並將其傳送到美國的 Google 服務器上並將其存儲那裡。Google 使用這些信息評估您對我們網站的使用情況, 編制有關網站活動的報告, 並提供與網站活動和互聯網使用情況相關的其他服務。此處理是基於我們的合法利益, 以改善您的網站體驗並提升我們的服務。Google 不會將您的 IP 地址與他們持有的其他資料相關聯。您可以在瀏覽器設置中拒絕使用 cookies。但是, 在這種情況下, 您可能無法完全使用我們網站的所有功能。

您可以通過以下網站來找到有關 Google 分析的更多信息。


  • 如果您通過我們網站上的聯絡表格或通過電子郵件或電話與我們聯絡時(例如,個人姓名,公司電子郵件,您的預算和查詢(項目詳細信息)),我們將僅使用這些資訊與您聯絡、提出合作報價或類似資訊。
  • 如果您購買了我們的產品或服務,我們還將使用您的電子郵寄地址通過電郵通知您重要的更新,並建議您如何充分使用我們的產品。
  • 如果您通過我們網站上的聯絡表格申請工作,我們將使用您的個人資料(即姓名、電子郵件、電話、您申請的職位以及供他們上傳簡歷的上傳空間)僅用於我們的招聘和就業用途。
  • 如果您不想收到這些電子郵件,請通過每封電子郵件底部的“取消訂閱”按鈕取消訂閱。 您可以使用我們網站上的聯絡表格與我們聯絡, 尋求合作或申請職位空缺。如果您不想使用聯絡表格, 您可以通過電子郵件與我們聯系:


由於某些法律義務,我們將處理(以前)客戶的聯絡,付款和通信資料以進行常規業務運營。我們發送發票,保留帳戶,並將與(以前的)客戶的信函存儲在我們的電子郵件服務器和在線工作文件夾中。我們根據相關法律(例如《會計法》 - 11 年)存儲資料。

基於合法利益,我們處理(潛在)客戶的聯絡資料(公司名稱,聯絡人的姓名,電子郵件地址,公司地址),以跟踪和分析我們產品和服務的銷售期限不超過 11 年。


為了處理您的工作申請,我們將處理您通過我們網站上的聯絡表格或通過電子郵件發送給我們的個人資料(即您申請的職位的個人姓名、電子郵件、電話,以及用於上傳的空間))您上傳的簡歷是為供招聘和潛在就業之用,我們不會為任何其他目的處理它們。這些資料將我們保存不會超過 1 年。


  1. 只有在有法律依據的情况下, 才能處理個人資料。根據《一般資料保護條例》(GDPR) ,我們基於以下法律理由處理個人資料
  2. 招聘/就業:在向我們申請工作時,我們將僅為此目的收集,處理您的資料。
  3. 合同/合同前協議:當您(作為客戶)從我們購買產品或服務或想要購買產品和/或服務時,我們有必要對您的個人資料進行處理
  4. 法律義務:如果我們收到向當局提供資料的合理要求。根據稅法和會計法,我們還有法律義務在一定時期內將個人資料保留在我們的財務記錄中。
  5. 合法權益:如果您過去曾經是客戶,或者我們已經向您發送了報價,我們將在您最後一次聯絡我們 11 年後保留您的聯絡方式,以便將來可以與您聯絡,以進行以下操作:項目/要約。另外,出於合法利益的考慮,我們向客戶發送新聞並重新提供我們的服務和產品


除非法律上有義務,否則我們不會向第三方提供或共享任何個人資料。我們只會將此類資料存儲在內部存儲在我們的 G Suite(Google 雲端硬盤)中,並通過最先進的技術對其進行保護。



Brightdock 選擇了具有最高隱私和資料安全標準的行業認可的存儲提供商。


我們存儲的個人資料的時間不會超過我們獲取個人資料所需的時間。該評估基於個人資料的類型,我們已為其獲取資料的產品或服務以及您作為資料主體可以合理預期的保留期限(例如,業務運營–不再存儲資料)自終止業務合作起的 11 年之內,不提供通訊資料,直至同意撤消,長達 1 年的招聘/在招募目的等)。




根據《一般資料保護規範》(GDPR) ,您有權應要求讀取您的個人資料,並在必要時修改和删除資料。除了讀取、更正和删除的權利外,您還可以要求我們限制對個人資料的處理,如果您不同意處理,我們可能會提出異議。此外,在某些情况下,還可以援引資料可移植性的權利。


如果您有任何異議,您可以聯絡克羅地亞 共和國的有關監督機構,即克羅地亞個人資料保護局(“Agencija za zaštitu osobnih podataka” - AZOP)。

如有任何疑問和要求, 請通過hello@brightdock.com與我們聯絡。