Beyond numbers; How we improved usability for over 60 million users

Platform redesign for Freelancer


Freelancer, the biggest platform for independent contractors in the world, was looking to find a way to narrow the gap between the employer and the freelancer. With a premise to create instinctive workflows for over 62,322,655 employers and freelancers from over 247 countries, regions, and territories, we created a seamless UX design balanced with a consistent and intuitive UI design for the platform.

Through numerous hackathons, we structured the complex data into telling a story. We gained extensive insight into the user's patterns and navigation preferences by analyzing data points of previous user activity. As a result of our discovery, we were able to conduct data-informed decisions and deliver a seamless experience for every Freelancer's user.

Our team delivered a product that balanced clean aesthetics with powerful performance for a company with billions in annual revenue. A design system of highly organized visual elements resulted in a customer-centric design built for conversion and optimal performance, communicating a fresh, modern feel, all while putting power back into users' hands.

freelancer desktop 1
freelancer video placeholder 2
freelancer desktop 3
freelancer desktop 4
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