A Treasure Chest of Memories

Telememory is a provider of technology-based reminiscence therapy for the
treatment of Alzheimer’s and dementia. Their mission is to facilitate interaction
between a patient who is suffering from varying degrees of dementia,
and reconnect them to their memories; both memories of their youth
and the people who care about them today.

They are one of the very few companies using technology to tackle what clinical trials
have shown to be a highly effective method for improving dementia patients’ quality
of life and care. They have asked for our help with the development of a mobile
and desktop app that enables their dementia patients to get the treatments they
require, while exposing them to the memories their relatives would provide.

To say that they are working on restoring the life and memories that were
robbed from their patients would be an understatement.

This app’s goal was to provide a seamless experience for family members while curating
memories and communicating with their loved ones. For the patient, it was to facilitate
a deeper memory response and use machine learning for targeting based on emotional
reactions to deliver a more effective treatment. Additionally, providing video connectivity
with a patient’s family reduces the amount of depression and stress experienced by
a patient with dementia.

Our team has risen to the challenges with an app that features easy-to-use
content uploading tools. The design is clean and concise, with UX being
the design team’s main focus. The app looks modern, welcoming, and is easy
to use - even for tech newbies.

It goes without saying - helping dementia patients keep important memories
alive is some of our proudest work.

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