Breaking News! We Have Made the (Sky) News Publishing Process Much Faster

The news never sleeps. For the hard-working team at Sky News, that means a constant stream of traffic as journalists around the globe flock to upload
the very latest videos, articles, and photos. Sky is Europe's largest media company and pay-TV broadcaster by revenue with 23 million subscribers and more than 31,000 employees and nearly as many contributors as of 2019.

The Sky News team was looking to improve the time spent between the field reporters submitting the news, the editors reviewing the submissions, and the publishing process.
And the solution had to be user-friendly and simple for every level of reporter and editor to use with ease.

For our clients, we had the perfect answer. We developed a whole platform adjusted to ease of use for reporters and contributors, as well as editors and publishers. To streamline and simplify the relentless submissions for all users, our developers built workflow automation for real-time breaking news distribution.

Using the Firebase platform, we simplified their social automation with Facebook, Twitter, iOS, Android, and CampaignMonitor APIs for submissions and previews. We’ve made Sky News easier than ever for journalists to navigate through ticker widgets, submission previews, convenient tabbing, UI design, new desktop app, and more. The platform was equipped to take in the news from different points of submission and streamline them to the central dashboard where the review and edit process was taking place.

With the implementation of the automation into the entire workflow, we’ve made reporting news live much faster and more efficient than ever, we’ve made the jobs of more than 70.000 Sky News reporters and correspondents easier. We've helped to deliver your news even hotter off the (digital) press!

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