A New Way
of Connecting
the World
with the News

The news never sleeps. For the hard-working team at Sky News, that means
a constant stream of traffic as journalists around the globe flock to upload
the very latest videos, articles, and photos.

At BrightDock, we’re all about clever designs. And for our clients, we
had the perfect answer. To streamline and simplify the relentless
submissions for all users, our developers built a workflow
automation for real-time breaking news distribution.

Using the Firebase platform, we made the Sky News website even more user-friendly.
Our BrightDock team simplified their social automation with Facebook, Twitter, iOS,
Android, and CampaignMonitor APIs for submissions and Previews.

Through ticker widgets, submission previews, convenient tabbing,
UI design,a desktop app, and more, we’ve made Sky News easier
than ever for journos to navigate.

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