Redesigning the World’s Largest Gig Economy Platform

Freelancer is the world’s largest online community for independent professionals, a
super high-profile gig economy platform with over 50 million business, start-up, and specialist users.

With a rapidly growing user base, European Freelancer Headquarters quickly realized they would soon need a much slicker, intensely powerful, user-friendly interface. The new interface was intended for the improvement of the UX/UI and a few long standing kinks.

They came to BrightDock for a structured, simple-to-navigate platform that would set them miles apart from rivals, build brand loyalty, and grow customer satisfaction. We're big fans of Freelancer and were flattered to be approached with this big project.

Our Brightdock team started looking at all angles of the platform and mapping out the process in detail. We knew we wanted to deliver a stylish UX with the latest design trends that would appeal to more than 50.000.000 users Freelancer has.

Our team wanted a finished product that balanced pristine aesthetics with powerful performance for a company with billions in annual revenue. Our final choice of concepts was a state- of-the-art, customer-centric designs built for conversion and optimal performance, to give a fresh feel while putting power back into users' hands. We built instinctive workflows, clear graphics, and made information readily available for every possible use case.

Freelancer loved their new customer-first design, which ironed out long-standing hiring process kinks. Employers and freelancers come first with lightning-quick UI/UX that reduces bidding time, reaching the milestones, and other key processes to a few essential clicks.

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