Edison House

Web Design
and Development
for an Emerging
Social Club

Edison House is a breakthrough “urban club” offering an environment and
community where members can unwind and enhance their busy social,
professional, and personal lives. The challenge - to bring this vision to life through
creative web design.

The Edison House team knew they wanted to create a powerful digital presence
that would convert potential clients. They were keen to kick off their marketing
campaign with an enticing, professional website that would help them “be seen”.

To us, the challenge was to immerse users in a convincing, contemporary encounter
with Edison House as we knew them – a sophisticated, cutting-edge urban club,
ripe with energy and potential in a stunning, stylish venue.

Brightdock streamlined Edison House’s user experience (UX) to enable seamless,
browsing, information flow, and inspired consumer purchases. We made it intuitive.
And we made it visual – using “says-it-all” images and innovative scrolling options
for a graceful, effortless brand experience. We created an enhanced, intuitive UX
including stunning day and night modes, fantastic transitions, and smooth – almost
seamless exploration.

To help convert future clients, we created an open showcase into Edison House’s
personality. By listening carefully and translating their values, beliefs, and ideas into
a virtual “get to know us” our goal was to build brand loyalty and establish trust.

Our client’s new website is far more than just a showcase – BrightDock’s creative
design and WordPress development teams have helped generate user interest
above and beyond what we could have imagined. Edison House’s website is a visual,
interactive representation of what our clients stand for, mirroring that fantastic,
exclusive club feeling to help the user see, hear, and feel their offer.

With thoughtful graphics and strategic use of multimedia, we’ve transformed the
Edison House promise into a real-life experience that users can see, hear and feel
before joining the experience in real-time.

Selective but inclusive, with easy-to-use grab-and-scroll browsing, the BrightDock
team helped our clients clearly establish Edison House’s brand and products.

Like its real-world counterpart, the website captures the imagination - beckoning
you to come and experience the difference.

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