ML and Google Glass Brings Engineers Together

Airbus project featured mockup

As of 2019, Airbus is the world's largest airliner manufacturer and took the most airliner orders, surpassing rivals. Airbus’s engineering team was looking to save time and fix the communication delay between in-house and in-field engineers during the repair sessions on the airliners.

With Airbus being responsible for the safety of millions of its customers and employees, we were delighted their team has decided to partner up with BrightDock. Any innovations and changes to their maintenance system and the repairs process are bound to have a huge impact globally. and employees. Any innovations and changes to the maintenance system have a huge impact globally, and we were honored the Airbus team challenged BrightDock to deliver new solutions.

We were tasked with finding the right solution for quick and easy maintenance and repairs management and real-time engineer communications. And we decided to bring the Matrix to the Airbus workshop.

We developed a machine learning app with real-time vision through Google Glass. When the in-field engineer is wearing the glasses, they will be scanning the surfaces for corrosion. Once the corrosion is detected, the images get sent to the main room for the in-house engineers to inspect. Machine learning software highlights the corroded areas, and if the in-house engineer confirms the markings, the repair map gets displayed on the Google Glass of the in-field engineer. With our innovative software development, we brought automation to a complicated and challenging process.

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