A Look Through Google Glass

Airbus project featured mockup

To help our client overcome issues and difficulties stemming from human errors
and miscommunications during aircraft maintenance, we employed every ounce
of our imagination. We brought the Matrix to the Airbus workshop.

Airbus has among the globe’s largest customer bases, so browser
compatibility was critical - and our BrightDock experts delivered. On top of
this, we made it simple for all users to annotate images, both hands-free
and with text. Airbus is responsible for the safety of millions of its customers
and employees. Any innovations and changes to the maintenance system have
a huge impact globally, and we were honored the Airbus team challenged
BrightDock to deliver new solutions.

One of the coolest things our team had the chance to work on. We played with Google
Glass and a program that would help the engineer on the ground see what the off-site
engineers communicate to them.

Our delight while playing with new gadgets and technologies was reflected
in the Airbus team’s reaction as well. The new solution helped them revolutionize
their approach to dual maintenance checks. For jet-setters worldwide, help is always
just a few clicks away.

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