Meet the Brightest: Elena, Junior Front-End Developer

Hi, Elena! Tell us why you chose BrightDock for your internship?

I came to BrightDock at the suggestion of a friend and decided to contact them after a bit of online research into who they are and what they do. I am interested in application development, so I wanted to apply and expand the knowledge I gained in college and get acquainted with app development in the real world. At BrightDock, I was provided with many opportunities for learning and progress. That, combined with a friendly atmosphere and pleasant work environment, makes me happy to continue working at BrightDock.

What sparked your interest in Javascript?

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages and can be used for both, frontend and backend development. For now, my focus is mostly on front-end development, working with NuxtJS, a framework based on Vue. I had some previous experience working with Vue in college, which served as a good foundation for further improvement. During my internship, I also continued advancing my knowledge of CSS and learning some of its frameworks like Tailwind and Bulma.

How is Dino helping you develop your skills and knowledge in Javascript?

Dino was my mentor during the internship giving me assignments and counsel whenever I needed it. He has a lot of knowledge and experience with many different technologies and he always knows how to explain to me in detail the problems I encounter as well as give me guidelines for finding solutions on my own. He is awesome to work with, and I’m glad to continue working with him as a colleague.


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