Edi Budimilic

Tech Director / Partner

Edi Budimilic is a seasoned software and hardware professional. Since 2013, he has focused almost exclusively on innovative, private technology projects. Edi is a co-owner of one of Croatia’s most successful startups – WhoAPI – which enables users to retrieve detailed information about Internet domains. The groundbreaking WhoAPI has received 7 investments, totaling over 2 million kuna. Edi has also played a pivotal role as co-owner in the successful US startup company Flexawards Inc., which received an investment of over 31 million kuna in 2015. Budimilic organizes and attends >conferences several times a year to keep the business regularly informed of IT trends and technologies in the sector. Alongside his noteworthy business achievements, which include an appearance on the cover of Croatia’s Forbes magazine, Edi Budimilic is credited with successfully establishing and selling his hosting services business, GEM Studio, to the country’s largest hosting provider, Avalon Ltd.